information management

Freight invoices are received daily from the tens of thousands of carriers that we work with. Invoices are received via mail, e-mail or electronically via EDI format. Once received the data is entered and verified manually by our experienced data entry staff, or inserted electronically. Each and every bill that we process at National Traffic Service is audited either electronically through our AutoRate system or by a professional auditor before payment. We'll check for any and all possible overcharges including duplicate invoices, liability of the invoice, missing or incorrect discounts, inaccurate classifications, incorrect tariffs, wrong mileage and zip codes, accessorial charge errors, extension and addition errors, and numerous other factors. Our typical audit savings, excluding duplicate invoices, is $4.25 for each freight bill that we audit. On average, you will reduce your transportation expense 2% by having us eliminate the overcharges mentioned above. These are savings that have a direct impact on your bottom line. Inquire about our freight invoice audit services today!