Information ManagementProbably the most important benefit of our service is the visibility that you’ll have to your transportation information. Transportation costs typically represent a significant portion of a company’s expenses. And being able to manage these costs through manageable information is critical to a company’s profitability.

As we process your freight bills, we capture over 150 fields from your freight invoices, bills of lading and delivery receipts. This data is now available to you in a number of different formats:

  • Data files containing all of your transportation information can be sent via FTP or email in any format required. These files can then be imported into any existing ERP systems for analysis and reporting.
  • Standard reports can be provided detailing carrier, account code, origin, destination, weight, customer, vendor and numerous other fields at detail or summary level. These reports can either be run by National Traffic Service and distributed to your employees, or you can generate and print your reports yourself via our web-based reporting tools.