While the audit of your freight invoices is a significant benefit to outsourcing your audit and payment function, there are numerous advantages to having us pay your carriers on your behalf.

  • If you’re paying your carriers yourself, your AP department is cutting and mailing dozens of checks each week. By allowing us to pay your carriers, you generate one check, ACH or wire. This can significantly reduce your AP expenses.
  • Carriers are provided with all pertinent information regarding adjustments to their invoices as a result of our audit. They’re given billed amounts, paid amounts and reasons for adjustments by Pro or tracking number.
  • Carriers are paid within 48 hours after receipt of your funds. We issue carrier payments 3 times a week.
  • We can age your carrier payments based on specific payment terms, maximizing cash flow.
  • If your carriers need to check payment status, they call us, not you. All carriers have access to payment status of their invoices on our website. They can see if the invoice has been received by us, the status of the invoice, and if it’s paid, the check number and paid date are provided. If they need additional information, our carrier service department is available via phone, email of fax to assist with their inquiry.
  • All client funds are kept in a separate account from our corporate funds.