traffic pro 1Many companies want to perform the freight audit and payment function in-house but don’t have the resources or expertise to develop an automated system. Traffic Pro is a state of the art in-house freight audit and payment system developed for companies who need to automate and streamline their freight bill processing. And all of this is available without dedicating your own valuable IT resources to try to develop an auditing and payment system from scratch. Utilizing our 60 years of experience in the freight auditing industry, Traffic Pro offers the most comprehensive software solution available today.

You’ll reduce your costs by automating the audit and payment of your inbound and outbound truckload, LTL, parcel shipment and airfreight bills. Your administrative expenses are reduced by eliminating the time consuming manual processing you’re currently utilizing to pay your freight bills.

traffic pro 2 The Traffic Pro system will eliminate all overcharges and duplicate payments to ensure that your freight invoices are paid once, correctly and on time. Easily generated management reports allow you to benchmark, forecast and analyze all aspects of your logistics expenses.

We’ll customize your Traffic Pro system to integrate seamlessly with your current in-house systems and tailor the program to your specific needs and applications.

Freight invoice information can be entered into the Traffic Pro system manually or obtained via EDI transmission from your carriers. The Traffic Pro system supports the following EDI transaction sets which are compatible with current ANSI standards:

  • 110 Air shipment invoice
  • 210/859 Motor carrier invoice
  • 820 Remittance advice
  • 204/858 Bill of lading

Traffic Pro can match your shipment information (B/L or PO number) with your carrier invoices. Duplicate invoices are rejected based on Pro number, B/L number or PO number. Shipments are rated using National Traffic's rating processor which is customized to include all of your contract rates, negotiated discounts, tariffs, UPS rates, air freight rates, carrier zip rates and truckload rates. Carrier rating incorporates the following features:

  • Fuel surcharges based on current DOE prices
  • Multiple class rating
  • Interlined point rating
  • Multiple FAK rating
  • Accessorial auditing
  • Multiple effective dates

Complete payment information detailing carrier name, Pro number, dollar amount and reasons for adjustments are transferred to your accounts payable system for fast, accurate payment. Accrual and cost center information can also be exported in any of the following formats: ASCII (comma delimited), Lotus, Excel, and SDF (ASCII fixed field format). The system interfaces with various accounting software packages including PeopleSoft and SAP.

Traffic Pro provides visibility into your transportation program by delivering logistics activity details to your desktop within seconds. Logistics data can be extracted and analyzed through Traffic Pro’s user-friendly custom reporting tool. Data can be analyzed according to a number of different criteria including carrier, account code, customer, vendor, shipping lane, etc.

Freight bill information can be viewed by selecting only the fields of interest or viewing the entire freight bill record. Customized reports are easily prepared and printed or the data saved to a spreadsheet. Samples of reports include: bill of lading manifest, carrier activity, destination/origin state, freight cost allocation, vendor origin and carrier, and customer destination and carrier.

With the Traffic Pro system, you’ll be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Break out accessorial charges, including fuel surcharges
  • Automatically assign general ledger codes utilizing programmed coding logic
  • Require verification for selected fields during data entry
  • Assign multiple classes and account codes to a single shipment
  • Age freight bills according to desired payment terms