Beginning this summer, many shippers began noticing a new surcharge added to their LTL freight invoices. The “California Compliance Surcharge” was first instituted by ABF and Old Dominion, but has since been adopted by most LTL carriers operating in the state.

The charges was added in response to new regulations in California labor laws that require truck drivers to be paid for their down time, such as meals, refueling, detention, etc, instead of just for miles driven.

This charge applies to any shipments that originate in or are destined to a point in California, and are NOT subject to any discounts that the shipper may have with that carrier.

Here are the charges for some of the larger LTL carriers:

  • ABF: $7.50
  • Central Freight Lines: $5.75
  • Central Transport: $5.92
  • Daylight Transport: $5.95
  • Estes: $5.90
  • Oak Harbor: $5.99
  • Old Dominion: $5.95
  • R&L: $6.00
  • Reddaway: $5.95
  • Roadrunner: $6.00
  • Saia: $5.95
  • XPO: $5.90
  • YRC: $5.90

Note that two of the largest LTL carriers, Fed Ex Freight and UPS Freight, have not yet added this charge.

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