We have been providing superior freight auditing and payment services and software to major corporations throughout North America since 1956. Our company was founded with the recognition that auditing freight bills and accurately handling payments required specialized knowledge and skills, and that many companies did not have the shipping volume or need to support a full staff. We identified a corporate need for an outside service, and companies welcomed us to perform those functions for them. Working to become a valued extension of their company, we learned their corporate policies, procedures, products, and shipping practices. We saved them money. We prospered and grew.

Today we process 40 million domestic and international bills annually representing over $2 billion in freight for over 200 companies throughout the United States and Canada. Last year we saved our clients over $40 million in potential overcharges, not including duplicate invoices, as a result of our audits.

Transportation has changed dramatically over the years, and the environment today is different in many ways. AutoRating of invoices, Optical Character Recognition, Internet reporting and Electronic Data Interchange are all major factors which have affected the freight bill auditing, payment and information processing functions.

And analyzing your logistics information is more critical than ever to succeeding in a competitive marketplace. We have made the commitment to take advantage of technology to continue to provide faster and more accurate services at a lower cost to our clients. Today we have EDI trading partner relationships established with all major carriers. Over 95% of the bills that we process are received electronically. And AutoRating of our high volume carriers ensures the most complete and accurate audit possible in the industry today.

We offer shipment level auditing of UPS and FedEx bills to check for rate errors and service failures. Our clients can access their freight invoice data through our website for viewing, editing and reporting. Carrier rating for least cost carrier selection analysis is also available on-line. And if you want to keep your freight auditing function in house, our TrafficPro freight auditing and payment system will automate and streamline the process, without requiring you to devote the valuable time and resources necessary to develop a system yourself.

We are SAS 70 and SSAE 16 Type II certified, ensuring the highest quality processing controls. We appreciate the opportunity to work with your organization.